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Many businesses have found themselves in a unique situation: They have a regular need to ship goods that are too large for parcel services but too small for a full truckload. In many cases, it does not make much sense to ship their products in a full-sized truck. That's where Box Truxx comes in. We provide commercial delivery to the Midwest and the Indianapolis, IN area. Our company specializes in providing common-sense solutions for businesses with a need for them. We provide transportation for goods at an affordable rate. We guarantee on-time delivery and the ultimate security for your goods. Your business is in good hands when you work with us.

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Our Company Offers
a Comprehensive Range of Services

At Box Truxx, you can count on an unparalleled degree of customer support, professionalism, and efficiency. We are steadily changing how the logistics industry thinks about shipping – one customer at a time. As a family-owned company, we strive to help businesses of all sizes find solutions to their problems. Whether you call us because a shipment fell through or want to build a longstanding relationship with our team, you can be sure you will receive the same standard of care.

Our Company Offers the Following Services

Business to Business Solutions

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We have years of experience providing business-to-business solutions to customers throughout the Midwest. Our company understands the need for expedited deliveries, and we can manage loads of all sizes – even on short notice.

Expedited Deliveries:

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There are times when you require immediate solutions to your problems. Box Truxx is proud to offer expedited deliveries to all our clients. It does not matter whether you require a one-time delivery or regular services. You can count on our team.

Cross-Dock Services:

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We are skilled in the practice of offloading products and goods from one truck to the next for delivery. We have trained our team to work efficiently, so you can count on us to quickly complete the job.

Last-Mile Delivery:

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Last-Mile Delivery: We specialize in last-mile delivery. We can take your freight from the transportation hub to its final destination quickly and effectively, all while keeping your products safe from damage.

Courier Service:

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Courier Service: Anything from a package to pallets, Box Truxx can get your package picked up and delivered in minimal time.

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High-Quality Commercial Logistics Support 

At Box Truxx, we aim to help our customers take advantage of all the services we have to provide. For instance, our LTL solutions mean you will never have to pay for unused cargo space. LTL services allow you to reduce warehouse costs and give you access to a team of professionals fully capable of overseeing your freight. As for our other services, such as expedited delivery, last-mile delivery, and cross-dock services, you can count on us due to our 50 years of experience in the industry. Contact us today to get started with your next delivery.

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