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LTL Delivery in the Midwest 

Unparalleled Customer Support and Business-to-Business Delivery

Box Truxx offers outstanding LTL delivery services in the Midwest. We serve a wide range of clients across a vast service area, providing numerous services in the process. We are equally as skilled at business-to-business solutions as we are cross-dock services. Our team works hard to satisfy you, and we take our role seriously. Whether you merely need us for last-mile delivery or the entire delivery cycle, you can count on us. Our location in Indianapolis, IN makes us ideal for delivering throughout Indiana and the larger Midwest region.

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The Benefits of Working with Box Truxx

Over the years, Box Truxx has developed methods of delivering goods to and from destinations quickly, efficiently, and safely. For many clients, switching to LTL delivery services is the wisest choice possible. We are the company you can trust to handle your deliveries. We know that our performance directly impacts your client's perception of you, and we work hard to help you satisfy your customers.

The Benefits of Using us for LTL Shipping Include

No More Unused Cargo Space:

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If you feel you are wasting your money on half-filled delivery trucks, then our solutions may be for you. When you work with our team, you save money. But more importantly, we handle all the logistics for you. 

Reduced Warehouse Costs:

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You can send more shipments when you work with us. Why is this important? Because you will not have to use as much of your warehouse to stock your products, creating additional savings each month. 

Professional Expertise: 

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We don’t just take your products from your dock and transport them. We create a relationship with you that continues for as long as you use our services. Our team is dedicated to providing continued support to our clients. 

Quicker Delivery Times:

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LTL shipping is much faster than other methods. When you work with Box Truxx, you can, in turn, provide better services to your clients. One reason LTL services might be better for you is that you do not have to wait for a large number of orders to ship them.f

Improved Shipment Security:

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We take the security of your freight seriously. We do not want anything to happen to it while in transport, so we are careful with your shipment. That is one benefit of working with a company that handles smaller delivery loads. 

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Transforming the LTL Solutions Industry

We are changing the way deliveries are made – one customer at a time. At Box Truxx, we focus on providing personalized solutions to our clients. We believe in outside-the-box thinking, and we deliver on our promises each time we work with a client. We encourage you to contact us today to set up an appointment to speak with us. Let us transform the way you do business.


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Moved a load with them for a HIGH PROFILE Client and they went above and beyond to get the shipment there safe and sound and in a timely manner! Will be using again!

Dillon Popovich

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5/5 stars HIGHLY recommend them for all things LTL shipping! They even have a cross dock program and forklift for easy offloading!

Michael Estep

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Eric over at Box Truxx is an extremely diligent and great person to work with. He took care of me and my drivers in a friendly manner and I will be sending all my future business over here!

Jake Nutter

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